Zeryab Oud

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ProjectOct 2015 – Website Development for Bankal Bilad.

DeliverablesConcept, UI Design, PHP & MySQL, Website Development.

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Zeryab Oud

We are a branch of Khalefeh Damascene Family that have been taking Oud manufacturing as a craft and profession in Syria and the Arab world since 1948.

Running in our blood from fathers to sons, the third generation of KhalefehOuds, manufactured recently under ZeryabOuds, is now holding the business with a new spirit, aiming at keeping to the handcraft traditions after reviving and restoring them, while introducing a competitive sophisticated shapes and performances.

Varied as the different styles, compositions/ buildups and sounds of the splendid, intimate and soul-nourishing instrument, ZeryabOuds create the Syrian/ Shami, Iraqi, and Turkish patterns, making each of them an artistic masterpiece of its own.

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